In April 1997, USAF Capt. Craig Button crashed his A-10 Thunderbolt II jet into the side of Gold Dust Peak in the Holy Cross Wilderness in Colorado. He departed his airfield with four 500-pound bombs – that weren’t aboard the plane when he crashed. Why he crashed and the location of the bombs are still a mystery. Click here to read my story in 5280 Magazine about the crash investigation and my trip to the side of the mountain.

View from the debris field in October
Standing in the debris field of Capt. Button’s A-10 jet on the side of Gold Dust Peak in Colorado.


My Fox News Science and Technology article on the use of weaponized drones by ISIS in Mosul.

Image 5
An Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service soldier examines an ISIS drone modified to drop rifle grenades.


Following the deployment of U.S. Army Special Forces into Syria, I was published in the Denver Post Op-ed section commenting on the capabilities of special operations troops, and the reasons why we should call ISIS by the Arabic acronym “Daesh.